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Research & Innovation

PHR Ignite

State Health Policy Consortium -- PHR Pilots


PHR Ignite was an activity of the ONC’s State Health Policy Consortium (SHPC), established in 2010 to give states resources needed to develop solutions to challenges preventing or impeding health information exchange across state lines. The PHR Ignite project [PDF - 506 KB] was initiated under the SHPC to support the use of a variety of PHRs through pilot programs that provided patients access to their health information. These patients used a non-tethered PHR, which is not connected to a provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system. The project also provided formative research to support work in consumer engagement through the use of PHRs.

As the work of the SHPC ends in 2014, we can see that health information is being exchanged between patients and their providers.

Key Findings